My juicing journey begins

My journey as a health conscious individual began in the Summer of 2005. It all began with a book I read by Raymond Francis called Never Be Sick Again. To be honest, the only reason I picked up the book while browsing the aisles of Barnes&Noble, was because of the catchy title. Thank God for that title! I was also a very sickly individual and idea of never being sick again sounded impossible. All I needed to do was think of a cold and I’d catch one. I devoured that book in a few days and…wait for it…”my life has never been the same!” I seriously hate that cheesy phrase but that’s exactly what happened to me. Since then, I read almost every book I could get my hands on, made friends with my sneakers and began an intense love affair with fruits and vegetables. This journey has been so much fun and one of the best gifts I’ve received, besides better health of course, is juicing! 

I bought my beloved Breville juice in December of 2008 after having learned of the many benefits of juicing that I will share later and have been juicing ever since. I still remember that first juice I made (carrots, kale and an apple) and how incredibly fresh and ‘alive’ it tasted. I could feel my cells thanking me. It was filling, delicious, refreshing and full of all the vitamins and live enzymes I knew my body craved. Since then, I’ve made all kinds of juices, some amazing and some down right nasty, but I’ve enjoyed every bit of the experience. 

So as this journey continues, with or preferably without a sickness every now and again, my hope is for an ever expanding health consciousness with lots of juicing along the way 🙂 

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