Juice Recipe #6: Orange Juice

This is probably the simplest and sweetest of all juices!

Purchase organic oranges if possible as they contain many more nutrients per orange and are therefore cheaper if that’s what you’re going for when you buy you’re fruits and vegetables. Quality over quantity, right? Wash, peel and quarter you’re oranges and make sure to use a low setting on the juicer as they are soft and require less power to juice. Juice oranges that are room-temperature to get more juice out of them or soak them in warm water for several minutes if they are out of the refrigerator.

This juice is full of vitamin C and tastes a million times better than any store-bought pasteurized artificially-ripened and plucked in the year 2000 orange juice. LOL!. Homemade fresh orange juice is just so easy, so delicious, so full of vitamins and enzymes that you’re bound to appreciate and enjoy. It can sometimes be too sweet for me so I add some pure filtered water in half-and-half proportions and enjoy 🙂

~Happy Juicing!~

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