Raw recipe: Guacamole

Is there a soul that doesn’t love guac? I actually strongly despised avocados as a child.  I’m sure it had everything to do with an uncle of mine who would mash them up and use it as a spread to make sandwiches with banana slices in between. It did not look appetizing or tasty to me. My aunt would make a hair conditioner and/or face mask with them which was very disturbing to me as a child.I would do this in a heart beat now if I didn’t prefer to eat them so bad!

I have no idea when everything changed but I’m extremely glad it did. I’m sure it was an awesome recipe of guacamole that did it! Avocados are  quiet the nutrient dense food. They are full of vitamin K, C, E, folate, potassium and monounsaturated fats. Besides making guacamole, I will add avocado to each and every salad I make. They add a creamy mouthfeel besides being super delicious. The only down side is that avocados are pretty pricey around here so I consider it a treat when I have them in the house. Here’s a pic of some guac I made a few days ago. Every single time I followed other folks’ recipes to the T my guac didn’t come out so great so I never measure anymore, so the measurements that follow are very much approximations.

Avocados ( I usually use 2)

A handful of Cilantro, chopped

Onions, finely diced appox 1/4 cup (I prefer yellow)

Tomatoes, finely diced ( I usually use 1 small Roma tomato)

Juice of 1/2 a lime

Salt to taste (1/4 tsp)

Garlic (1 small clove, minced) *optional

Mash the avocados with lime juice and the salt in  a bowl and then fold in the finely diced onion, tomatoes, cilantro and garlic.


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