Juice Recipe #8: Cucumber, Kale, Spinach, Celery, Apple & Lemon Juice

Hey Folks!

I’m literally drinking this juice as I write this post and it’s really quite good. I remember how when I started experimenting with green juices they tasted quite atrocious. To be honest though, the only thing that’s different now is the fact that I always add half a lemon to all my green juices. I’m pretty sure I learned this ‘lemon-trick’ from one of the many you-tube juicing videos I’ve watched. It’s amazing how the lemon makes the juice sweeter, more refreshing and takes the edge off the super strong leafy green flavor.

1/2 cucumber (I peeled mine because it wasn’t organic)

4 organic celery stalks

2-3 organic kale leaves

2 handfuls of organic baby spinach

1 organic Fuji apple

1/2 lemon (don’t bother peeling it, I don’t know why I ever did)

This makes exactly 16 ounces of yummy green goodness. I can imagine all my cells doing a happy dance now 🙂 Are yours?


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