Juice Recipe #9: Apple & Lemon Juice

I can’t believe I’ve gone all of my, albeit short, ‘juicing-life’ without ever having made this. This recipe was like hitting the jackpot!! It is so ridiculously delicious. It’s so funny to me that I’ve never thought of this combo before, so thanks you-tube. I make up almost all my juice recipe combos since it doesn’t require that much thought and it’s pretty hard to mess up…actually…let me take that back. I messed up a lot in the beginning and the only word that comes to mind is yuck to describe the taste of my original juices. This recipe on the other hand is YUM YUM YUM 🙂

2 organic ginger gold (or any other variety) apples *don’t forget to take out the seeds

1/2 an organic lemon, peel and all!

I had never tried ginger gold apples before making this juice. The only reason I actually bought them was because the grocery store didn’t have granny smith apples which are my favorite for juicing. I’m sold on ginger gold apples now!

~Juice and Enjoy!~

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