Juice Recipe #11: Celery, Carrot, Orange and Lemon Juice

Hey folks!

I really like how simple, tasty and affordable this recipe is. For anyone who’s starting out juicing, you may have began to realize that it’s easy to go through your supply of veggies and fruits pretty quickly by juicing them. This recipe uses veggies and fruits that are pretty inexpensive (at least where I am) and still pack a whole lot of nutrients. Celery juice is anti-inflammatory, a diuretic and lowers cholesterol. As for carrot juice…well folks…it really does improve and/or maintain vision. I wear glasses, and I really do believe that my prescription stopped getting worse (as it was in previous years) thanks to all the carrot juice I’ve been drinking in the past few years.  Oranges and Lemons are loaded with vitamin C which is by far one of the most powerful antioxidants.

Here’s the recipe:

4 stalks of organic celery (folks, please note that conventional celery is very very very high on the list of veggies loaded with pesticides, there’s quite a few veggies and fruits I buy conventional due to cost or availability and celery is NEVER one of them)

3 organic carrots

1 organic orange (washed, peeled and cut in half)

1/2 an organic lemon (wash thoroughly and leave peel on)


~Juice and Enjoy!~


3 responses

  1. whoa! I always thought you had to peel lemons to juice them?? so I hardly ever juiced because it is a pain in the butt to peel. I feel like my juicing book told me I had to peel but if you do it this way I’m definitely gonna do it! this is exciting now I can start bringing lemons into my juices 🙂 thanks!
    ps~ what about oranges? can you juice the skin on these too?

    • Hey! You’re very welcome. I definitely peel oranges, their skin would make the juice very bitter. Happy juicing! Let me know if juicing with the lemon peel on works out for you. It definitely makes for less work. Lol!

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