Loving My New Mason Jar Lids!

I am not a home canner and really would have no idea where to begin when canning but I am definitely obsessed with mason jars, large, small and in between. They are the cheapest and safest way to store foodstuffs (as well as many other items in and around the house). I would store my juices before in plastic containers that would stain and end up smelling kinda funky no matter how much I scrubbed them. Storing foodstuffs in glass has become all the rage these past few years but the ones made for storing liquids are pretty pricey. Thank heavens for mason jars! They come with two part lids that are incredibly annoying if you don’t can so I was very happy to discover these through one of my favorite websites. I bought the Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps . They come in a set of 8 and cost less than 5 dollars which is an amazing deal. Happy Shopping! Here is the recipe to the juice in the picture in case you missed it before… Bright Orange Goodness.

Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps

~Juice and cover your jars with these!~

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