Forks Over Knives Movie Review

I just loved this movie. I’m a junkie for all movies/social documentaries that advocate for healthier lifestyles, whether it’s crazy like Super Size Me, or as ‘juicy’ as Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. They are so inspiring and I’ve learned a great deal from them. Forks Over Knives was no exception. The only problem is, to be honest, I watched it really late at night while feeling very exhausted so I fell asleep towards the end and missed a few bits and pieces. So while hubby’s away I’ll be watching the parts I missed tonight. There is no better way to spend my Friday night when home alone. So why am I talking about it if I haven’t even finished watching it? Well, I couldn’t help myself. The movie features mainly two experts, Dr. Colin T. Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, who through their respective fields of research and clinical medicine, discovered how awesome a whole-foods plant-based diet is! I am a huge fan of Dr. Campbell’s work and consider his book, The China Study, one of my all time favorites. There’s nothing like presenting such information in movie format with the research to back it up, the awesome graphs, the crazy statistics and of course, the folks to who went from drab to fab by the end of the movie just by following their advice.

I can’t help but think about my own diet as I watch this and how much more I could implement fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into my life. While I have come a really really really long way over the past several years, the type A in me just wont rest on those laurels. I’m nowhere near perfect (don’t care to be) and want to finally get rid of ┬ámy addictions (sugar, simple carbs), excuses, symptoms and excess weight.

I am really thankful for juicing in my life because it is one way that I have found to take in lots of those great vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. I still do though make sure to have several servings of fruits and vegetables whole so I can get that fiber! I had some papaya today for a mid-day snack and it was so delicious I gobbled it up in 2 minutes. Its my new favorite fruit. I loved it so much growing up and its so great to have rediscovered it. Anyway, here’s to incorporating more whole (and preferably raw) plant-based foods in our meals! Go FREGGIES!!! I totally just coined that….and of course nuts, seeds and all that good stuff.

~Happy watching!~