Juice Recipe #9: Apple & Lemon Juice

I can’t believe I’ve gone all of my, albeit short, ‘juicing-life’ without ever having made this. This recipe was like hitting the jackpot!! It is so ridiculously delicious. It’s so funny to me that I’ve never thought of this combo before, so thanks you-tube. I make up almost all my juice recipe combos since it doesn’t require that much thought and it’s pretty hard to mess up…actually…let me take that back. I messed up a lot in the beginning and the only word that comes to mind is yuck to describe the taste of my original juices. This recipe on the other hand is YUM YUM YUM 🙂

2 organic ginger gold (or any other variety) apples *don’t forget to take out the seeds

1/2 an organic lemon, peel and all!

I had never tried ginger gold apples before making this juice. The only reason I actually bought them was because the grocery store didn’t have granny smith apples which are my favorite for juicing. I’m sold on ginger gold apples now!

~Juice and Enjoy!~


Juice Recipe #7: Apple, Beet, Carrot & Ginger Juice

Here’s a wonderful juice recipe passed on to me by a girlfriend. I love it’s rich deep color but even more I love it’s taste. It’s made up of vegetables that are sweet and the ginger adds a nice zing to it! Can’t imagine this recipe without the ginger but juicing is all about creating what you love and enjoy the most. I made about 32 ounces of this juice this morning among other juices for my juice fast day on Saturday but to make just one glass (8 ounces) I’d use 1 beet, 4-5 carrots, 1 apple and a small piece of ginger the size of a large grape. I’m not sure what other folks do with their beets when juicing them but I wash them very thoroughly and cut off the top that was attached to the beet greens. As usual, with carrots I wash thoroughly and simply cut off the tops and tails. Don’t forget to take out the apple’s seeds! Do not peel the apple or carrots as they contain nutrients. This juice recipe as I later discovered is pretty common among juice-making enthusiasts. Well, I’m thankful for this recipe and thankful for the girlfriend that passed it on. Sharing is definitely caring.

~Happy Juicing!~

Juice Recipe #3:Celery, Kale, Cilantro, Lemon & Green Apple Juice

Here’s the third installation of Juice Recipes and it’s a recipe I made up with what I had in the fridge today. Celery, Kale (one leaf), Cilantro, Granny Smith Apple and 1/2 a lemon. note:  I peel my lemons so as not to make it too bitter and as always I take out the apple’s seeds. Always make sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens.
 I’m really making an effort to be creative with my recipes now and boy is it paying off because today’s green juice is just oozing with vitality. It was refreshing and invigorating. There’s no doubt this would be a ‘Hall-of-Famer’ should someone choose to create such a thing for homemade fresh vegetable & fruit juices.
 Here’s a breakdown of some of the awesome nutrients and benefits for just 2 of the juice’s ingredients.

Celery: Packed with vitamin A, tons of B vitamins, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium….the list is really long! It’s anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, extremely filling because of the high water content, helps get rid of toxins and excess fluid by acting like a diuretic which means it would help reduce blood pressure! yay 🙂

Kale: This is just a super green! I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t heard how amazing and nutritious our dark leafy greens are! Here’s just a few benefits of this great green. It’s got vitamin A (boat loads!), vitamin C, vitamin K , Folic acid, potassium, calcium and iron. It’s an incredible anti-oxidant.

~Happy Juicing!~

Juice Recipe #1: Grapefruit and Apple Juice

This is a juice I really enjoy and can’t seem to get enough of. It’s one grapefruit and one apple. I actually grew up not being particularly fond of grapefruits as I found them to be too tart, but when juiced with an apple, the apple adds a sweetness that makes it an absolutely divine juice. I made the juice pictured with one red grapefruit bought at a local farmers market and an Organic Fuji apple. If possible I always try to purchase local and organic fruits and vegetables. Organic Fuji apples are my favorite and taste far and above waaaaay better than any conventionally grown one. Once I went Organic Fuji…I never went back. Thoroughly wash both fruits and quarter and peel the grapefruit. Don’t peel the apple, that’s where a lot of the nutrients are!

Both grapefruit and apple are loaded with Vitamin C and lots of other nutrients such as B vitamins, potassium and calcium. Grapefruit juice should not be used to take prescription drugs as the juice inhibits their metabolism and absorption.

~Happy Juicing!~

My beloved juicer (Breville Juice Fountain Plus) and my Virgin Green Juice Recipe

I took this picture the day I bought it (as a Christmas present to myself :-)) back in December 2008.  Hands down, it is my favorite kitchen appliance and the best self-gift ever 🙂 As for the first juice I made…well…it was love at first sip!

Here’s my Virgin Green Juice Recipe

  • 3 organic kale leaves
  • 4 organic carrots
  • 1 organic granny smith apple, seeded

Do you remember your first?