Juice Recipe #21: Thanksgiving Juice

I can’t believe I haven’t had a single post since right before Storm Sandy came and turned mine and so many other people’s lives around. I pray for those whose lives will never be the same again and it is admirable to see the country come together to help in any way possible. ┬áLike so many of you Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays and in the spirit of gratitude for all that we have, are and can do I would like to take the time to list 5 things that I am beyond grateful for.

1. The idea and inspiration to begin this blog this year. Eating and Living well is my life’s passion and this blog has been a wonderful channel for expressing that. Thank you World Wide Web, thank you Word Press, thank you Breville Juice Fountain Plus, thank you Olympus Pen epl1 and thank you Veggie Markets.

2. Thank you to every follower, reader and ‘liker of my posts’. Thank you for validating my work and taking the time to support my blog and sharing in the excitement that a little homemade juice can bring.

3. There are no words to express how grateful I am for the strength and health that I have had this year. I have gone the entire year without so much as a sniffle. This time last year I was suffering from my umpteenth cold, couldn’t breathe and felt like death warmed over. Yup! It was that bad. Health is our Wealth.

4. I am thankful with every breathe that I take for my AMAZING family but most importantly my beloved husband. He is my rock, my #1 fan and my best friend. I am grateful that he tastes almost every one of my kitchen creations and gives me feedback that is sometimes a bit too honest ­čÖé

5. I am thankful for this juice recipe I created last week while feeling mooshy and happy inside. It awoke my taste buds and got me excited to juice like crazy again.

  • 2 cups of pineapple, chopped
  • 2 oranges, peeled┬á
  • 1/2 an inch of a ginger root

~Juice and Give Thanks!~


Juice Recipe #16: Tropical Bliss

So, I was sitting at home tonight feeling sad for two reasons. One, I totally forgot my husband had a school-related dinner at an uber-fancy restaurant, he actually took me there for my b-day dinner earlier this year. I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with him tonight. Second, we (my husband and I) haven’t been on a vacation together for… hmmm… can’t remember when we last vacationed so it must be never or a very long time ago. So, I took these two sucky feelings and decided to juice them.

I juice when I’m mad,

I juice when I’m glad,

and I juice when I wanna be on a beach so bad!

That’s about as poetic as I’ve ever been. Anyway, I took to the kitchen with these emotions and created a juice recipe that literally transported me to an island far far away with white sand, clear waters and a bright blue sky.

Here’s the recipe to experience┬áTropical Bliss wherever you are

  • Half a pineapple, peeled (do not core)
  • 2 kiwis, peeled
  • 1/2 a lime with the peel

~Juice and be transported too…~