Juice Recipe #10: Beets, Grapefruit, Apple and Carrot juice

I haven’t juiced with beets in a while so when I saw them in the grocery store I couldn’t help but grab a bunch and get excited about juicing them. I usually default to juicing beets with apples and carrots with a 1/4″ of a ginger root but this time instead of ginger I added one whole grapefruit and it came out quite tasty. For whatever reason I’m not particularly fond of beets any other way. I can and will only juice them. I really really really love juicing beets (and so does my mama!). There’s something about their bright red color that screams HEALTHY and they combine oh so well with just about any vegetable/fruit. My favorite benefits of beets have to be that they are a blood purifier, blood builder (create new red blood cells), liver tonic (stimulate functions of the liver) and contain folic acid + iron. Go beets!

Here’s the recipe to the juice I made (came out to about 20 ounces):

3 beets thoroughly washed and peeled

1 whole grapefruit peeled

1 organic Fuji apple

3-4 organic carrots

~Juice and Enjoy!~

PS: Beets will/might make your poop red…very red. It’s quite scary the first time but not too worry, it’ll pass 🙂 LOL!

4 responses

  1. I have read to peel beets in some articles and to not peel them in other articles. Same with cucumbers and citrus fruits. Have you tried it both ways? Or do you know if some peel them because of their juicer? I have so many questions!

    BTW – I love the beets juiced as well but not so much cooked. Unless they are covered in honey and goat cheese, and I mean covered. 🙂

    • I don’t think it matters too much whether you peel beets or not. Personally, I never feel like they’re clean enough after all my scrubbing so that’s why I peel them. As for cucumbers, I only peel conventional ones. The only citrus fruit I don’t peel is lemon, it somehow adds some sweetness which sounds nuts but it’s true, at least for me anyway. Orange peels are crazy bitter…don’t go there. LOL! And yeah…not so powerful juicer means a hard time with tougher veggies and fruits, peeled or not. Bring on the questions!

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